Welcome to ARAMARK and Quest Recycling Services' Yellow Grease Collection Program

Contact Information


Site Information

5 Division:

13 Is there any type of security or information that must be provided for the vendor to access the site/ used cooking oil bin?

15 Does site have limited hours that vendor is able to access cooking oil bins?

17 Will someone be available to sign a service ticket during each cooking oil collection?


Current Used Cooking Oil Contract

19 Do you currently have Used Cooking Oil collected?

Does the site produce grease currently?

Grease Trap

30 Does this location have a grease trap that ARAMARK is responsible for maintaining?

31 Do you know where the tank is located?

33 Do you know how large the grease trap is?

36 Is the grease trap service under contract?



37 Are you responsible for the costs of disposing of food waste?

38 Would you be interested in a program to recycle your food waste?